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eStore Management.

 eStore Management

Running an online retail store and providing a great customer experience can require a lot of work. Between managing inventory, picking and packing orders, and responding to customer inquiries, the entire process can quickly become overwhelming and potentially damage your store reputation. We provide a series of services designed specifically to help your small e-commerce store prosper by managing the operational details.

Comprehensive eStore Management Service

From design, hosting, payment processing, fulfillment, product promotion and reporting, we can handle every part of your store so you can focus on your strategic vision – and leaving the operational details to us. Our experts team provide a diversified range of inbound and outbound solutions and support services, essentially functioning as your very own “ back office”. They’re available 24/7, so your business can keep growing around the clock. We’ve already helped many clients become more competitive.

Some of our eStore management services include:-

  • Importing new products, categories, brands and suppliers.
  • Programming new features as needed.
  • Creating and posting of advertisements and promotional banners( Optional)
  • Keep eStore fresh and updated.
  • Oversight of hosting infrastructure.
  • Respond to clients ticket support system.
  • SEO upgrades as needed.
  • Advanced reporting integrated
  • Social Media marketing plans.
  • Receive orders and forward them to you
  • Handle your customers and suppliers’ requests

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